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What is a Solar Battery

 Allows you to use more of the energy

An energy-storage system also called a home or solar battery, lets you capture electricity so you can use it at another time. For example, you can store the electricity your solar panels generate during the day and use it at night.

Green Energy

Get a solar battery and you’ll use around 30% more of your solar panels’ energy

Real Savings

A solar battery generally costs between £2,000 and £6,000

Warranty Protection

Lifetime warranties with little maintenance,  decades of trouble-free service.

Why choose solar panel batteries?

Solar panels generate the most energy throughout the day when, traditionally, homes use the least amount of electricity. This means your solar PV system will be producing a lot of surplus energy that would otherwise be wasted. Adding a battery allows you to store this extra electricity to use as and when you want.

You could choose to use the excess energy stored in your battery to power your home in the evening. Making you even more independent from the grid, or you could charge your electric vehicle, increasing the amount of clean energy your family uses.

Solar Batteries We Offer

Pylon Tech Battery


Pylontech Pylon 2.4kWh

The US2000 is a HESS battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. A self-designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.




Growatt uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, which is one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium battery technologies available. The module can be purchased individually to expand a previously installed rack. It’s not a stand-alone product. A total of 2 batteries can be put together (a total of 13 kWh). A BMS system controls and monitors batteries effectively and safely.




This 12 V DC replacement battery is sealed, maintenance-free, and rechargeable.

Key Features

  • Sealed lead acid
  • 12 V DC
  • 2.2 Amp hour
  • Lifespan: 2-3 years
SKY Home Improvements House


1. Will they work with my current system?

Yes in most cases solar panel batteries can be installed in any home however are expert team will always check your compatibility and talk you through your options.

2. Will they take up much space?

Our innovative solar panel battery cells a similar in dimensions to a typical briefcase and can be linked together meaning we can vary the size of the battery system to meet many needs including available space

3. Are they safe?

Solar batteries are safe, and the concerns that may arise due to lithium-ion battery chemistry will only ever be an issue in the case of poor installation work or non-regulated products. These two problems can be avoided easily by working with a reputable high-quality battery installer such as ourselves.

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Clients Say About Us

20+ years experience

Harry Watts



Fantastic response and service by sky home improvements, prompt service everything explained clearly the right products friendly installation engineer who turned up on time. I would highly recommend Sky home improvements, 5🌟


Lewis Prangley

South Wales


Thanks to Cameron and his staff, we now have the systems in place to save ourselves a fortune on electricity. They listened to what we needed and set us up for a sustainable future in our forever home, very professional we would have no hesitation in recommending their service.
Many thanks

Mrs Seabrook


I’m really pleased with the solar panel's Sky Home Improvements installed on my two-bed terrace. My smart meter confirms I’m already off-grid much of the time. The workmen - surveying, electrics and installation - were professional, turned up on time, and were nice to meet.

There were no hidden extras, and the service was absolutely fine.

Andy Barker


And people say solar isn’t worth it lol my bills I had panels fitted on the 16th of last month, I will save even more electric once the batteries are installed next month, probably near zero electric bills.

Thanks again Cameron Sadler